50-100 years from now we are all going to be eating a plant based diet. Whether that happens through a catastrophe or a peaceful sustainable life giving way is based on whether we make the right choices now and how we fight in this struggle together.
— Mark Bittman


Shanna Koenig Camuso is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and long time plant based food aficionado. She started making activated nuts and seeds in her kitchen when she was still in nutrition school. Soon her friends and family were encouraging her sell them because “they are so good!” She loves making and sharing her nuts and seeds because of their nutritional benefits, but it’s the taste and crunch that keeps everyone wanting more.

Originally from Texas, Shanna wandered to the mountains of Colorado for nearly 20 years and is now located Bend, OR. She loves her rescue pup, has a daughter and is married to an Architect.


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