Our nuts don’t just taste amazing – they’re better for you!


We soak each batch overnight, then slow roast them on a low temperature. The process allows for better digestion and nutrient absorption while protecting naturally occurring healthy fats and enhancing flavor.


We soak and slow-roast the world’s crunchiest, nutrient-dense nut-based snacks. We offer a whole food, flavorful, and crunchy snack to fuel adventure-filled lives. Flavored solely by culinary spices, our organic and health-promoting nut-based snacks contain zero unnecessary additives and overheated oils which can increase the presence of harmful free radicals. We are unique in that we deliver on every aspect from health to flavor to a satisfying crunch. Our soaking process makes nutrients more available, and our slow-roasting process naturally protects healthy fats. Our products are easily transportable, energizing, and satiating - perfect for outdoor adventures, hungry kiddos, and late nights at the office. 


Our mission is to create a healthier, happier world by providing delicious nut-based snacks that are good for people and the planet.

Local Pickup

Gather Nuts Kitchen
1470 Northeast 1st Street Unit 700
Bend, OR 97701

Local orders are usually available for pickup within 2-4 business days. Details are available in your order confirmation. Local pickup is by appointment only.

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