We love animals of all kinds! We offer an alternative to animal-based proteins that are more beneficial to your overall health. Our love of animals drives us to advocate for our local farm sanctuary and work to foster awareness about foods that offer alternative to factory farming.

We love animals of all kinds

That’s why we eat plants instead of animals. Choosing to get your protein from nuts rather than meat can reduce your risk of heart attack two-fold and keep your heart healthy. The proteins in nuts and seeds have been found to be more beneficial to overall health than animal proteins.  

We support Harmony Farm Sanctuary.


Harmony Farm Sanctuary 

Located in Sisters, Oregon, Harmony Farm Sanctuary is a vegan farm animal sanctuary specializing in the rescue and rehabilitation of farmed animals. We love partnering with them and throughout the year we work to support their efforts and to raise money through our website. Every order you make on our website provides you the opportunity to support Harmony Farm at checkout.