Chocolate Coffee Cashews

How do you create a scrumptious healthy snack that passes for a dessert and won’t leave you feeling guilty?

First you meet a coffee roaster who is meticulous in his craft and willing to spend a couple of months perfecting a coffee that would complement a cashew. Then you meet a chocolate roaster who uses single origin organic chocolate sourced from small family farms and is willing to figure out the precise percentage of dark chocolate to pull all the flavors together. The result is a perfect palate that complements our unique soaking and slow roasting process. 

Forget about feeling guilty!

Cashews are naturally high in zinc helping to support immune function. Coffee has been shown lower the risks of neurological diseases. And chocolate is high in antioxidants and magnesium. Per ounce, our Chocolate Coffee Cashews have five grams of protein, 12 grams of healthy fats, and nine carbohydrates. They are cholesterol free, provide a gram of fiber, have only have three sugars.

March 04, 2022 — Shanna Koenig Camuso