Are you a daily coffee drinker? Or have you given up coffee, but still love the smell of it? Or are you just missing the flavor? If you love the smell and flavor of coffee, but choose not to drink it, then our Coffee Cashews were made for you! I’m a one cup a day day girl, but when it comes to consuming our Coffee Cashews, I can’t eat just one.

Just yesterday I was at the kitchen when a new batch of Coffee Cashews were almost ready to be pulled from the oven. I tested a few to ensure they had roasted long enough to develop our signature crunch….then I nibbled on a few more because they are so good! Made with organic almonds and our favorite local coffee, daily coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers can unite around this unique coffee experience.

Coffee Cashews were a labor of love to develop. I met Clint, founder of Still Vibrato Coffee, when we worked together at local market in Bend, OR. It was right around the time when I was being “joyfully pushed” to sell start selling these “amazing nuts.” Clint exposed me to a whole new world of coffee that allowed me to taste the various complex flavors of the coffee. I was a fast fan favorite of Still Vibrato and over the years have witnessed the care and intention Clint puts into making his coffee.

We were chatting, and likely drinking coffee, when we came up with the idea of Coffee Cashews. I was already in the process of soaking nuts in saltwater, so we thought, what about soaking cashews in cold brew? Right away we knew we had something fabulous, but it took months refine it. We had to figure out which of his coffees would work best and how to get the soaking salt content dialed just enough to bring out the coffee flavor. It took a few months, but once we nailed it, we knew we had something special.

So, if you want the flavor of coffee, but don’t want the caffeine boost, these are your go-to! Let them take the place of your usual afternoon coffee and see if you sleep better. By now you already know the health benefits of cashews that we continue to espouse, they are high in fiber and healthy fats, they reduce cholesterol, and are high in magnesium and zinc. But now you also know that can enjoy the flavor of coffee while coupled with health benefits.

 *There is a negligible amount of caffeine in our Coffee Cashews that comes from the soaking process.

April 29, 2022 — Shanna Koenig Camuso