When we make Rosemary Olive Oil Almonds, the smell of rosemary takes over the whole kitchen and we revel in its fragrant scent. Rosemary is a shrub but calling it that feels undignified given its miraculous benefits. Its scent encompasses a complex variety of aromatic herbs such as evergreen, lavender, citrus, mint, and sage that all come together in a chorus of aromas. 

One of my favorite side dishes during the the holidays (or any time of year) is roasted red potatoes with rosemary and olive oil. When I’m craving this dish but have no time to make it, I reach for a bag of our Rosemary Olive Oil Almonds to satisfy that hankering. Rosemary Olive Oil Almonds also make for an enlivening afternoon snack due to their ability to boost alertness, energy, and mood. We recommend keeping a bag of these at your desk at all times in case of emergencies! 

Rosemary is unique in its ability to both initiate energy and alertness while also relieving stress and calming the mind. Rosemary is also considered a cognitive stimulant, meaning it can help improve memory, intelligence and focus. Just the smell of rosemary can help to relieve stress and anxiety. 

Olive oil adds additional health benefits and flavor to this recipe. Raw olive oil is high in antioxidants, helps to fight inflammation and heart disease, and it has been shown to reduce cancer risk. Olive oil is added to this recipe after the nuts have been roasted and cooled. Why? Because olive oil has health promoting properties but can easily be overheated, creating free radicals. Like our passion for not over-roasting nuts, we do the same with olive oil. 

So, sit back with a bag of Rosemary Olive Oil Almonds and feel the stress melt away while enlivening the mind. 

May 06, 2022 — Shanna Koenig Camuso