Spicy Red Curry Cashews

By now you know now we don’t just focus on flavor. We strive to support your health by making it easy to “tastefully” consume key nutrients necessary for everyday wellness. These days, we’re all more aware of how important it is to maintain a strong immune system. Good news, our Spicy Red Curry Cashews can help! 

I’m from Texas and from a family that distrusts anyone who doesn’t eat jalapenos – raw. In my 20’s I worked at a Mexican food restaurant and was frequently challenged to eat whole roasted jalapenos. I prevailed most times. All this to say, I like spice and I was excited to make a spicy nut. However, it’s nowhere as spicy as a jalapeno, I promise! 

We start with organic cashews that contain two key ingredients, zinc and protein, both of which help strengthen immunity. Cashews also have micronutrients like phosphorus and magnesium that help to support healthy bones, and they are high in fiber and cardio-protective. 

To give our Spicy Red Curry Cashews a little heat I turned to cayenne. Not just for the subtle spiciness, but for the health benefits. Red curry and cayenne are made from ground chili peppers that are high in vitamins C and D. They give your immune system a boost and detoxify the body. Not sure what an antioxidant is? It’s a molecule that neutralizes free radicals. Not sure what free radicals are? They are molecules that can harm your cells and cause disease. 

So tonight, kick off your cowboy boots, grab your favorite microbrew, and munch on some Spicy Red Curry Cashews. You might just turn into a health nut. 

April 01, 2022 — Shanna Koenig Camuso