Chocolate Coffee Cashews

Who knew when we first created Chocolate Coffee Cashews that we would hit upon something so unique people would “go nuts” over them! It’s been a delight to see the love people have for Chocolate Coffee Cashews. Our mad love for them comes from creating a sweet treat that’s healthy!

Why? Because we hear you! You’re so over feeling guilty about having something sweet that the guilt is immediate after consumption. What would it feel like to not feel guilty? What if after you had a sweet treat you felt energized and happy? We say, let’s do this! Let’s all say goodbye guilt and hello to the health benefits of Chocolate Coffee Cashews!

We start with single origin organic dark chocolate that’s high magnesium and helps to lower both blood sugar and blood pressure. One of the greatest benefits of dark chocolate is its high antioxidant content that helps to fight free radicals. At the base of these drool worthy nuts are cashews, which have an impressive array of nutrients which can help to keep chronic diseases away. Cashews are also high in fiber to support healthy intestinal function, and they are high in protein which helps to build lean muscles. Boom! Can you feel the guilt melt away?

Now, the nutrition consultant in me is not saying you should eat a whole eight-ounce bag in one sitting, and if you do have serious sugar related issues like diabetes, please follow your doctor’s recommendations. But outside of that, give your awesome self some guilt free pleasure.

April 09, 2022 — Shanna Koenig Camuso