Soaking Nuts

We start by soaking our nuts to break down chemical compounds like phytates, enzyme inhibitors, and lectins that bind to nutrients in nuts and make them difficult to digest. In nature, these compounds exist as a form of protection for the nut or seed until it's ready to sprout a plant. However, if left intact these “antinutrients” can impair your body’s ability to absorb key nutrients such as iron, zinc, calcium, and carbohydrates. Not to worry! Our process gets rid of these pesky compounds to ensure your body has access to all the healthy nutrients our nuts have to offer!

Next, we flavor our nuts with culinary spices (no funny stuff like flavoring agents or food additives - gross), then we slow roast them on a low temperature. Nuts are naturally high in antioxidants, however, if roasted on a high temperature they can create damaging free radicals. Our end result is a “health nut” that tastes amazing and delivers a satisfying crunch. No more reaching for a dry stale bar to keep you fueled for life’s adventures. 

Bonus – our products are made with organic ingredients and they are vegan and gluten free (however, not celiac free). 

January 08, 2022 — Shanna Koenig Camuso