What I wish I knew about Brazil Nuts Years Ago!

Shanna, our founder

A note from our founder, Shanna.

I won’t lie. I’ve never been too fond of Brazil nuts - but they're so darn nutritious that I had to find a way to make me want to eat them, and to share them with the world! The result is our delectable Maple Cinnamon Brazil Nuts [MCBN] that quickly became a fan favorite! I enjoy a few every morning with my coffee, or when I want a healthy semi-sweet treat in the afternoon.

Let’s take a closer look at the health benefits Brazil nuts provide:

Brazil nuts are widely known for their high selenium content, which is key to protecting thyroid health. Yet not all Brazil nuts contain high levels of selenium. Brazil nuts get their selenium content from selenium-rich soil, which is most commonly found in the Amazon rainforest. We ensure that our wholesalers are sourcing from the Amazon rainforest to maximize the selenium content in our Maple Cinnamon Brazil Nuts.

Healthy cholesterol levels improve when you eat Brazil nuts regularly. Researchers discovered that when people stopped eating Brazil nuts, their cholesterol returned to its initial levels. (1)

Looking to improve brain power? Brazil nuts support cognitive function over time. In a six-month study of older adults with mental impairment, their verbal fluency and mental function improved by the end of the six-month period after eating one Brazil nut per day. Their selenium levels also rose. Low selenium levels are associated with diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. (2) (3)

Show of hands for anyone wanting to reduce inflammation! 🙋🏼‍♀️ This mighty nut also reduces inflammatory markers. (4) As with cholesterol levels, the measurements went back to the original levels when the subjects quit eating Brazil nuts every day.

All this from the one nut that typically gets picked out of a mixed bag/can of nuts and tossed away.

So, how do our Maple Cinnamon Brazil Nuts (MCBN) compare with plain old Brazil nuts? I've heard the words buttery, crunchy, cinnamon-ey, and yummy. Even people who don’t like Brazil nuts agree that they are tasty and “not bitter” like other Brazil nuts. And one of our 8 oz. bags of Maple Cinnamon Brazil Nuts will go a long way if you’re eating just a few a day! (In fact, it’s best to eat just a few a day due to the high selenium content.) Just remember to keep nuts in the refrigerator to preserve their healthy fats.

October 29, 2021 — Shanna Koenig Camuso