What do we do to bring you healthier nuts and seeds?

We start with organically-sourced fair-trade nuts and seeds, then soak them in saltwater to make their nutrients more available and digestible. Our soaking process is done in small batches and refrigerated for 24 hours. We then flavor them with spices and slow roast them on a low temperature to protect their healthy fats while providing a satisfying crunch. 

Often referred to as "activated nuts", our soaking process is an important step in helping the body to access the array of nutrients that nuts and seeds provide. Soaking breaks down chemical compounds like phytates and lectins that bind to nutrients in nuts and seeds and make them difficult to digest. These compounds exist as a form of protection or storage for the nut or seed until it's ready to sprout a plant. If left intact, phytates and lectins can impair your body’s ability to absorb iron, zinc, calcium, and carbohydrates. Our process gets rid of these pesky compounds to ensure your body has access to all the healthy nutrients our nuts and seeds have to offer!

The slow roasting process is another integral step in the preparation of our hyper-healthy nuts and seeds. We slow roast all of our products on low temperatures to protect their naturally occurring fats - and to give them their unique crunch. Fats found in nuts and seeds are highly susceptible to damage at high temperatures. The consumption of fats that have been damaged by high temperatures can be harmful to the body. Damaged fats release molecules called free radicals into the bloodstream which can result in a wide range of negative effects. Unlike compounds that we intentionally ingest, like iron and zinc, which serve specific roles in the function of our bodies, free radicals have no particular job in our bodies and may attach themselves to random cells where they are not needed. This can result in a number of diseases including heart disease and cancer. When consuming our products, rest assured you're ingesting the healthy fats your body needs to continue running in tip-top shape!

Gather Nuts has done all the work for you! So grab a bag, or two, and get on with your day. Whatever comes your way you'll know you have a healthy plant-based gluten-free snack to fuel your body and your journey. 



February 25, 2020 — Shanna Koenig Camuso