Mother and children enjoying Brazil Nuts

Sarah Cyr | Bend, OR

As a mother of two small children, I recently entered the world of school lunches. It's hard finding ways to give my kids healthy options they will actually eat. They would eat pepperoni every day if I let them! I use Gather's nuts and seeds as a plant-based protein alongside a slice of hearty bread and some vegetables or fruit a couple times a week. 

My daughter's favorite are the Maple Cinnamon Brazil Nuts - she's nicknamed them "mountain nuts" because of their triangular shape. My son loves the Maple Fennel Pumpkin Seeds. "Yummy and salty," he says. I pack them as a snack for excursions like the playground or errands, because a lot of packaged kids snacks have a ton of sugar and preservatives. 

These nuts have a unique texture and flavor. They're so good, I have to hide them from my husband or else they'd disappear!

Jenny Rinn | San Francisco, CA

Gather Nuts are anything but basic. Roasted to perfection with just a tinge of salt, these organic nuts are the best on the market. The selection of flavors, from Chocolate Coffee Cashews to Simple Almonds, are the perfect snack, delectable protein-packed topping for your salad, or mouthwatering secret ingredient in your homemade trail mix.I like to mix the Cinnamon-Nutmeg Granola and the Coffee Cashews with dark chocolate chips and raisins to have as a sweet treat on the hiking trail. An added bonus - buying from Gather NutS invests in women!



Lowell (right) | Oakland, CA
“These have a nice amount of spice. Better than any other's an explosion of flavor!"

Kasch (left) | Sacramento, CA
"Every bite is so great! I crave these every day.”


February 25, 2020 — Shelby Little