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Turmeric Curry Cashews
Turmeric Curry Cashews
Turmeric Curry Cashews
Turmeric Curry Cashews

Turmeric Curry Cashews

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The flavor that started it all for Gather Nuts and continues to be a bestseller. Cashews tossed with curry, organic turmeric, and black pepper. Not only are they pure addiction, they are good for you! Cashews are high in zinc to help support the immune function. Turmeric is highly anti-inflammatory, and we added black pepper to help the body better absorb curcumin, the active compound in turmeric. Our spiced nuts are sourced from organic, gluten-free ingredients.

Ingredients: Organic cashews, curry powder (coriander, turmeric, ginger, fenugreek, anise, cumin, Saigon cinnamon, black pepper, regular yellow mustard, cayenne, mace and cardamom) organic turmeric, organic black pepper.

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Mark s.
United States United States
I recommend this product

These nuts are awesome with just the right balance of spice and sweetness

Kim L.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Cashews for the health of it

Love the Turmeric Curry Cashews for the health benefits but the flavor and crunch make it a toss up as to what I like best about them.

Samuel G.
United States United States
The power powder.

I believe in turmeric.

Courtney D.
United States United States
You'll be hooked

The BEST flavor! Thank you for making me hooked on these.

susan b.
United States United States

These nuts are too good to be true! Someone gave me some in a gift basket, and now I buy them for myself. They couldn't be better tasting!

Teresa L.
United States United States
Unusual flavors, surprisingly good!

These are as delicious as they are good for you!

Jennifer S.
United States United States
Turmeric Curry Cashews

Amazing! I am addicted to these nuts. They have the perfect balance of spice, heat and crunch! To say they are a favorite is an understatement!! What a happy surprise to find them at Food 4 Less last week!! Thank you for creating such tasty, vegan, gluten free, healthy snacks!

Pam .
United States United States

We just received our sampler pack today! The flavors are vibrant and at the risk of being over the top, exciting! I’ve never had better quality or taste and exceptionally crisp!

Christin B.
United States United States
Turmeric Curry Cashews

These are delicious on your salads, pizzas, or on top of your thai dish.

United States United States
Turmeric Curry Cashews

Amazing flavor! Best of all the crunchiness of the cashew. Never had a better crunch before this. Love Gather Nuts so much, purchased an assortment for all our family members.

Amy D.
United States United States
My favorite!

Turmeric Curry are my favorite to snack on mid day or to throw on top my favorite rice bowls!

Karen T.
United States United States
Top of my "catalog of delights" list: Turmeric Curry Cashews

Wow! Just . . . wow! My first waking realization each morning is that we're all in this era of at-home confinement, a realization that makes me want to roll over & return to sleep, until I remember that I still have a stash of Turmeric Curry Cashews, and the delight of that makes me leap out of bed. Truly, they are that awesome. I've also been using the extra spice leftover in the bag to season soups & sprinkle on freshly-roasted garbanzo beans, prolonging that "wow!" for as long as I can. The flavor of Turmeric Curry blend is unbeatable - on the cashews, of course, but also on everything else I've put it on.

United States United States
Best tasting nuts I have ever enjoyed!

While I appreciate the way Gather soaks and flavors all of their nuts (If you haven't tried any of their almonds and you enjoy crunchy order some now!) these Turmeric Curry Cashews are simply amazing and once a bag has been opened it will not last long so i always buy the largest ones. Hands down the best-flavored nuts I have ever enjoyed!

Susan D.
United States United States
Love this! Has become my favorite

Great experience. love these products