Worthy Nuts

This nut will make you forget about all of your past overly-salty beer nuts. Our soaked and slow roasted Worthy Nuts actually contain HOPS! Which results in the perfect flavor to have along with your favorite Worthy IPA. We can’t help but feel “hoppy” when we enjoy this combination!!


Maple Cinnamon Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts and beer? You heard that right! Our Maple Cinnamon Brazil Nuts complement any red ale. The unique flavor of Brazil nuts accentuate the hoppy flavor of the beer, and we even pick up notes of nuttiness in red ale!


"Cheezy" Almonds

Our “Cheezy” Almonds are guaranteed to bring a huge (some may even say cheesy!) smile to your face. Nutritional yeast drives the satisfying flavor, and pairs perfectly with any amber ale. Our personal favorite? Fat Tire from New Belgium.

May 22, 2021 — Shanna Koenig Camuso