Worthy Nuts

Gather Nuts was launched with a mission to create the best tasting healthiest nuts while doing the least amount of harm to the planet. Early on we discovered a local brewery in town that shared a similar vision – minus the nuts. Worthy Brewing Company’s mantra is: “Earth First. Beer Second.” When we learned this, we wanted to know more. So, we reached out to them for an opportunity to discuss a collaboration. To our excitement they asked us to create a beer nut using Worthy Brewing’s ground hops!

This is one of our most unique flavors, and oh the fun we had creating it! We were tasked with creating a beer nut that that would check all the boxes: sweet, spicy, and slightly salty, and we needed to incorporate Worthy’s locally grown award-winning hops. It’s one of our top selling products and we love working with a company that keeps the environment top of mind! 

Like a fine wine, the flavor of Worthy Nuts evolves across the palate, starting with a slight sweetness and ending with a kick of spice. When people taste these at the farmers market, you can see it happening across their faces and right down to the last kick of spice – then we get the inevitable eyebrow raise. 

We love that Worthy has always been a proponent of operating green and supporting environmental causes and organizations. They invest in green technologies and practices, and they even have an observatory! Talk about keeping an eye on the planet! As we grow and increase our sustainability practices, we’ll look towards companies like Worthy Brewing to inspire our growing environmental efforts. 

May 13, 2022 — Shanna Koenig Camuso