Not everyone is a morning person, but the smell of this soaked spiced oatmeal can get anyone out of bed! By utilizing the timer feature on your rice cooker, breakfast is ready to be topped with our Maple Cinnamon Brazil Nuts instantly.  Soaking oats overnight is similar to the soaking process that we use on our nuts and seeds, which makes the nutrients more available for your body to absorb, plus it makes for an irresistibly creamy texture. Head on over to the blog section on our website to find the recipe!


Overnight Cinnamon Ginger Oats

*one serving, adjust ratios accordingly


-1/2 cup oats

-pinch of salt, ginger, and nutmeg

-1/4 tsp cinnamon

-1 tbsp chia seeds (optional)

-1/4 cup of dried fruit

-1 ¼ cup water

-Maple Cinnamon Brazil Nuts for topping


In a rice cooker, stir together the oats, salt, spices, chia seeds, dried fruit, and water (if you are omitting the chia seeds, only use 1 cup of water).  Put your rice cooker on porridge setting, and set the timer for your ideal breakfast time...and that’s it! In the morning scoop into a bowl and top with Maple Cinnamon Brazil Nuts.  Enjoy!

April 19, 2020 — Shelby Little