Is the pandemic driving you nuts? Don’t suffer in silence—we want to hear from you!

Are your children interrupting your morning meditation?
Are your neighbors offering social distancing hugs?
How about your backyard chickens? Are they spoiling your outdoor time?

Tell us what (or who) is DRIVING YOU NUTS and you could win a box of Gather Nuts' top sellers!!

Enter for a chance to win:

Join us on Instagram or Facebook where you can share what’s #drivingmenuts. We will select winners from both Facebook and Instagram, and we encourage you to participate on both social media sites. Full contest rules are on all of our contest posts.


The coronavirus is impacting us all: Our friends, families and livelihoods. Our aim with #drivingmenuts is to provide a cathartic outlet and humorous forum for folks to share what (or who) is driving them nuts, while simultaneously raising awareness of a better type of nuts: Gather Nuts!

April 16, 2020 — Shanna Koenig Camuso