Gather Nuts was still a seed planted in my mind when I met Clint Rowan. We were working at a small health food market in Bend where he served his coffee. The first time I tasted Still Vibrato coffee I was quite frankly astonished. It was lighter than what I was used to, but the flavors were more prominent and tantalizing. I truly had never tasted coffee that good – and still never have.

Clint RowanClint is from Texas – and y’all know I love meeting a fellow Texan all the way in Oregon. He’s tall and speaks slowly like a Texan but doesn’t have the distinct accent. He gives his full attention to conversations, always looks you in the eye, and gives the best hugs. It’s this same attention and care that goes into roasting his coffee.

As I started testing recipes for nuts and seeds, I brought samples into the market to share with my coworkers to get their feedback. One day, likely after enjoying one of Clint’s cappuccinos, I asked him, “I wonder what would happen if I soaked cashews in your coffee?” His response was, “I don’t know, let’s find out.” 

Clint Rowan 2This led to months of testing to get the flavor and process just right. The salt to coffee ratio had to be just right, otherwise, you wouldn’t taste the coffee, or on the other end, they would be too salty and the flavor too intense. In figuring out how to brew larger amounts most efficiently, Clint suggested cold brew and the flavor was perfected. 

Today our Coffee Cashews are one of my favorite afternoon snacks. The pick-me-up is not from the minuscule amount of caffeine, but rather from the nutrients and protein found in cashews. They deliver the coffee flavor I crave, but instead of a caffeine hit, I get sustained energy to get me through the rest of the day.

To learn more about Still Vibrato coffee and to order online, go to: You will not be disappointed. Fun fact: Clint won the prestigious Good Food Award for one of his varieties. 

June 03, 2020 — Shanna Koenig Camuso