Worthy Nuts was are a creation born in the early days of Covid. The concept was created before we even used the word "Covid." We were driving back and forth from our kitchen to Worthy Brewing developing and perfecting the product when all the while the world was slowing shutting down. We dropped off our final product and shortly after, the world shut down....but Worthy Nuts carried on. 

What caught our eye in the very beginning was their mission: Earth First Beer Second. We chose to partner with Worthy Brewing Company because of our shared values and wanted to create a beer nut worthy of the quality of their beer and their values. 

Worthy Nuts start with organic cashews soaked in Worthy Brewing Company's hop salt blend. We then slow roast them at a low temperature to get our signature crunch, and we add a touch of sweet, salty, and spicy - and Worthy Brewing hops are blended into the recipe for a subtle but remarkable flavor of hops.

Worthy Brewing is a sustainable, solar-powered brewery that looks out for the planet and the community. They have their own hops garden at their facility in East Bend. They use certified Salmon Safe hops, meaning they preserve water quality and help protect and restore local habitats. They implemented a neighborhood compositing program, have onsite recycling practices and generously support local nonprofits.

March 11, 2023 — Shanna Koenig Camuso