We love the holidays. The warmth that comes from the gathering of friends and family creates something wonderful. Yet, we can all agree that every season isn’t complete without some awkward moment. As plant-based eaters, we’ve all been there. Here are our best tips on surviving the (plant-based!) holiday season:

Always, and we mean ALWAYS sign up to bring a main dish
At potlucks, there’s no guarantee that the main dish will be vegetarian. And vegan? Almost impossible. But look no further- we’ve got the perfect crowd pleaser! Head on over to the recipe section on our blog for our Cumin Pumpkin Balls — delicious on top of any pasta dish.

Don’t forget to fill up on green beans!
Not only are veggies nutritious and delicious, they are also filling! And no holiday meal is complete without green beans and sweet potatoes. Want to take them up a notch? Sprinkle slivered Gather Nuts almonds on your veggie dishes!

Eat before you go
Are you heading to a traditional, Turkey-roasting household for Thanksgiving?
All plant-based folks have sat at that table, and if there’s one common takeaway: Never show up hungry!

Bring a healthy dessert
We have no bones with eating dessert first! Especially when the dessert is packed full of healthy, filling ingredients. Looking for inspiration? We’ve got the perfect recipe for you! Filled with our Maple Cinnamon Brazil Nuts and Simple Almonds, this brownie recipe will fuel you through any holiday gathering.

Make time to play and don’t stress about indulging 
This time of year is about spending time with loved ones and indulging. Don’t fight it — red wine IS plant-based — but it’s also a time many people #optoutside. We love to escape in nature on Black Friday (thanks for the reminder, REI) and it’s not a bad time to stay up on those fitness goals! You’re just getting ahead of the New Year’s Resolutions!

Appetizers can be filling too!
Who said appetizers just have to “tease” the palate? Here at Gather Nuts, we
firmly believe in versatile, nutrient dense finger food. And this dip checks all of
the boxes! Filled with aromatic rosemary almonds, our Rosemary Olive Oil Almond Dip will please the pickiest of eaters.

Choose your dinner friends (and family 😉) wisely!
We know, being plant-based is challenging! That’s why we aim to surround ourselves with people who accept and support our lifestyle decisions.

Bring the Nuts!
Spread the holiday cheer by bringing along or sending your loved ones your favorite nuts and seeds! We have beautiful charcuterie ideas that your turkey-toting grandmother will love, as well as your plant-based tribe. Gather Nuts is guaranteed to keep you and your family full and jolly. For more plant-based recipes to share, sign up for the Gather Nuts newsletter 😋

November 12, 2020 — Shanna Koenig Camuso