Appetizers for Plant-Based Eaters & Omnivores Alike

There’s no more festive way to celebrate the bounty of the season and kick off a holiday feast than with a beautiful charcuterie board. Too often, charcuterie appears at the party as a heavy tray of preservative-laden meats, indistinct cheeses, and maybe a squishy ripe olive or two. Here at Gather Nuts, we’ve accepted the challenge to redesign the charcuterie spread for today’s foodie. Whether your guests follow a plant-based diet or eat everything under the sun, an appetizer board with more amazingly savory and delicious nuts and seeds, as well as a nice aged cheese and a bouquet of crisp fall veggies, is guaranteed to delight every palate and quell the hunger until the main course.

Easiest Appetizer Ever

Along with stunning presentation and tantalizing variety, a charcuterie board is a blissfully easy appetizer to pull together. Pull a few bowls from the cupboard and fill with an assortment of Gather Nuts slow-roasted nuts and seeds. Just like that, the earthy browns of Simple Almonds and golden richness of Turmeric Curry Cashews set the fall tone. Slightly sweet and hoppy, Worthy Nuts are the perfect complement to a Thanksgiving craft brew or cocktail. Serve them alone, or alongside zesty Garlic Dill Sunflower Seeds and magically scrumptious “Cheezy” almonds. Already your holiday charcuterie board is bursting with flavor and appeal, not to mention immune-boosting zinc, selenium, vitamin e, magnesium, protein, and anti-inflammatory superpowers. 

Looking for inspiration? Check out this charcuterie board Shanna and Denali put together!

OK, now what, you say? Easy-peasy, the rest is as simple as laying out a few artfully chosen items from your favorite grocer. Here are five ready-to-go accompaniments to round out your holiday charcuterie board so everyone enjoys a healthy and happy holiday from the start.


Maple Cardamom Almonds, Garlic Dill Sunflower Seeds, Maple Fennel Pumpkin Seeds

 Crudité for Charcuterie

While there’s nothing wrong with carrot sticks and celery, per se, the veggies on your appetizer tray can be a lot more enticing than the old standbys. Look for bags of organic mini peppers, ready-to-eat with a rinse, and take advantage of the last of the heirloom tomatoes. If your fortunate enough to be celebrating outside on the deck, crack open a brilliant pomegranate or two and let guests slurp the seeds without worrying about the carpet or upholstery.

"Cheezy" Almonds, Maple Cardamon Almonds

Breads & Crackers

A classic baguette, sliced on the bias, will fit the bill for many. Luckily for guests who avoid gluten and prefer plant-based nibbles, options abound. You’ll find a variety of rice-based and grain-free crackers, including crackers made with avocado and squash.

"Cheezy" Almonds, Maple Cardamon Almonds,

Sausage, Everyone?

Even if you’ve decided to eschew the meat, you can still leave room on your holiday charcuterie board for a savory plant-based sausage snack. Take your pick from Italian-style sausages made with seitan and sun-dried tomatoes, or what the producer of one meatless snack calls a “Picnicker”—a veggie stick made with classic German seasoning. 

Maple Cardamon Almonds,  Garlic Dill Sunflower Seeds, Worthy Nuts, "Cheezy" Almonds, Cumin Pumpkin Seeds

Rosemary Olive Oil Almonds Dip

Yes, OK, this one’s not take-away from the grocer, but did you see this recipe in our last newsletter and blog?! So easy, sooooo delicious. A must-include on your holiday charcuterie board.

Maple Cardamon Almonds, Garlic Dill Sunflower Seeds, Red Curry Cashews, Turmeric Curry Cashews

With this gorgeous spread, we’re certain everyone at your holiday gathering will dig in and enjoy the healthful, colorful and crazy-delicious bounty of a Gather Nuts Holiday Charcuterie Spread. 

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November 11, 2020 — Shanna Koenig Camuso