What is driving you nuts?

What is driving you nuts?

Is the pandemic driving you nuts? Don’t suffer in silence—we want to hear from you!

Are your children interrupting your morning meditation?
Are your neighbors offering social distancing hugs?
How about your backyard chickens? Are they spoiling your outdoor time?

Tell us what (or who) is DRIVING YOU NUTS and you could win a box of Gather Nuts' top sellers!!

Enter for a chance to win:

Join us on Instagram or Facebook where you can share what’s #drivingmenuts. We will select winners from both Facebook and Instagram, and we encourage you to participate on both social media sites. Full contest rules are on all of our contest posts.


The coronavirus is impacting us all: Our friends, families and livelihoods. Our aim with #drivingmenuts is to provide a cathartic outlet and humorous forum for folks to share what (or who) is driving them nuts, while simultaneously raising awareness of a better type of nuts: Gather Nuts!

April 16, 2020 — Shanna Koenig Camuso
Tempeh Taco Tuesday!

Tempeh Taco Tuesday!

Are you looking for a way to spice up your Taco Tuesday? Tempeh tacos are one of our favorite go-to weekday meals. We spice things up with our Spicy Red Curry Cashews that add additional nutrients and flavor.

 The ingredients are healthy and simple: red onion, red pepper, kale, tempeh, cumin, taco seasoning, red chili, black beans, and brown rice. We use cassava tortillas to keep things gluten-free. Head over to our blog for the full recipe.


Are you looking for a way to spice up your Taco Tuesday? Tempeh tacos are one of our favorite go-to weekday meals. We spice things up with our Spicy Red Curry Cashews that add additional nutrients and flavor. We use cassava tortillas to keep things gluten-free, but you can use hard taco shells, or whole wheat soft tortillas – you can also make it as a bowl.



1 - Red onion – thinly sliced

1 - Red pepper – thinly slices

1 – Small head of Lacinato Kale – destemmed and loosely chopped

1 – 8 ounces tempeh - finely chopped

1 tbsp avocado oil or sesame seed oil


Spices to taste – cumin, taco seasoning, red chili, salt and pepper



  • Sauté onions in avocado oil or sesame seed oil for 5 minutes, then add in the red pepper and cook for another 5 minutes or until soft.
  • Stir in finely chopped tempeh, then add the spices to your taste.
  • Slowly stir in kale until wilted.
  • Serve in a tortilla topped with chopped Spicy Red Curry Cashews and a side of rice and beans - or make into a bowl.
April 14, 2020 — Shanna Koenig Camuso
BendAid to NYC

BendAid to NYC

We’re honored to be part of #BendAid, a group of Central Oregon-based food and beverage brands that are coming together to support the doctors and healthcare workers on the front lines in New York City fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic. 
April 06, 2020 — Bold Commerce Collaborator
Nuts Got a Bad Rap

Nuts Got a Bad Rap

The fats in nuts and seeds are primarily monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats – both of which help to lower bad cholesterol, are heart-healthy, and don't cause weight gain. Research shows people who eat nuts are healthier and live longer, likely because nuts help to prevent a number of different diseases.
April 06, 2020 — Shanna Koenig Camuso
Nuts for Local Hospital Workers

Nuts for Local Hospital Workers

Gather Nuts recently answered the call of two local women who were organizing donations for the healthcare workers of St. Charles, the hospital group in Central Oregon.
April 06, 2020 — Bold Commerce Collaborator
Our Signature Soaked and Slow Roasted Process

Our Signature Soaked and Slow Roasted Process

What do we do to bring you healthier nuts and seeds?

We start with organically-sourced fair-trade nuts and seeds, then soak them in saltwater to make their nutrients more available and digestible. Our soaking process is done in small batches and refrigerated for 24 hours. We then flavor them with spices and slow roast them on a low temperature to protect their healthy fats while providing a satisfying crunch. 

Often referred to as "activated nuts", our soaking process is an important step in helping the body to access the array of nutrients that nuts and seeds provide. Soaking breaks down chemical compounds like phytates and lectins that bind to nutrients in nuts and seeds and make them difficult to digest. These compounds exist as a form of protection or storage for the nut or seed until it's ready to sprout a plant. If left intact, phytates and lectins can impair your body’s ability to absorb iron, zinc, calcium, and carbohydrates. Our process gets rid of these pesky compounds to ensure your body has access to all the healthy nutrients our nuts and seeds have to offer!

The slow roasting process is another integral step in the preparation of our hyper-healthy nuts and seeds. We slow roast all of our products on low temperatures to protect their naturally occurring fats - and to give them their unique crunch. Fats found in nuts and seeds are highly susceptible to damage at high temperatures. The consumption of fats that have been damaged by high temperatures can be harmful to the body. Damaged fats release molecules called free radicals into the bloodstream which can result in a wide range of negative effects. Unlike compounds that we intentionally ingest, like iron and zinc, which serve specific roles in the function of our bodies, free radicals have no particular job in our bodies and may attach themselves to random cells where they are not needed. This can result in a number of diseases including heart disease and cancer. When consuming our products, rest assured you're ingesting the healthy fats your body needs to continue running in tip-top shape!

Gather Nuts has done all the work for you! So grab a bag, or two, and get on with your day. Whatever comes your way you'll know you have a healthy plant-based gluten-free snack to fuel your body and your journey. 



February 25, 2020 — Shanna Koenig Camuso
Recent Customer Reviews

Recent Customer Reviews

Mother and children enjoying Brazil Nuts

Sarah Cyr | Bend, OR

As a mother of two small children, I recently entered the world of school lunches. It's hard finding ways to give my kids healthy options they will actually eat. They would eat pepperoni every day if I let them! I use Gather's nuts and seeds as a plant-based protein alongside a slice of hearty bread and some vegetables or fruit a couple times a week. 

My daughter's favorite are the Maple Cinnamon Brazil Nuts - she's nicknamed them "mountain nuts" because of their triangular shape. My son loves the Maple Fennel Pumpkin Seeds. "Yummy and salty," he says. I pack them as a snack for excursions like the playground or errands, because a lot of packaged kids snacks have a ton of sugar and preservatives. 

These nuts have a unique texture and flavor. They're so good, I have to hide them from my husband or else they'd disappear!

Jenny Rinn | San Francisco, CA

Gather Nuts are anything but basic. Roasted to perfection with just a tinge of salt, these organic nuts are the best on the market. The selection of flavors, from Chocolate Coffee Cashews to Simple Almonds, are the perfect snack, delectable protein-packed topping for your salad, or mouthwatering secret ingredient in your homemade trail mix.I like to mix the Cinnamon-Nutmeg Granola and the Coffee Cashews with dark chocolate chips and raisins to have as a sweet treat on the hiking trail. An added bonus - buying from Gather NutS invests in women!



Lowell (right) | Oakland, CA
“These have a nice amount of spice. Better than any other nut...it's an explosion of flavor!"

Kasch (left) | Sacramento, CA
"Every bite is so great! I crave these every day.”


February 25, 2020 — Shelby Little
People. Planet. Animals.

People. Planet. Animals.

Our mantra is: People. Planet. Animals. To that end we provide healthy, great tasting, whole food snacks that minimize our environmental footprint.

Healthy People.

Providing healthy snack options focused on real food and maximum nutrition

Life is busy. Eating healthy can be a challenge. When you’re hangry it’s easy to turn to chips, crackers, a processed food bar, or anything you can get your hands on. Gather Nuts aims to interrupt this cycle by providing scrumptious, heathy, whole food snack options packed with nutrition. Nuts and seeds are filled with nutrients, healthy fats, fiber, protein, and antioxidants. The nutritional components of our products help to protect against cancer and heart disease, and antioxidants fight free radicals which can lead to premature aging. But we don’t stop there….

Our nuts and seeds are soaked in saltwater to increase nutrient availability and absorption, then slow roasted to protect naturally occurring healthy fats. Our products are organically sourced, fair trade, gluten free, and plant-based. And yes, love is one of our ingredients.

We know you have a lot to do in this world, and not a lot of time, so first and foremost we are here to make healthy convenient.

Save the Planet. 

Doing the least amount of harm while aiming to create sustainable solutions

Climate change is undeniable, and the food industry is a major contributor – from the way we produce our food to the packaging we use for consumer goods. While the problem reaches far beyond the food industry, as a food company we want to do the least amount of harm to the planet. Our packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Our products are organic to ensure we’re not contributing to the use of pesticides that are negatively impact our soil. We work with wholesalers that share our values and source locally whenever possible.

Our products also help to support plant-based eating, which has the potential to greatly reduce the effects of climate change. One-fifth of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by meat production and animal agriculture is a leading cause of deforestation. Shifting away from a meat-centric diet has been shown to have positive effects on climate change.

We Love Animals.

Helping to reduce dependency on factory farming and supporting farm sanctuaries

Modern times have strayed from traditional farming practices to ones that keep animals confined in cramped spaces, unable to roam pastures, and often times never see the outdoors. We’re softies and factory farming breaks our hearts.

Our tasty snacks are always plant-based and will fully satisfy your hunger. They will also make your heart happy in more ways than one. Getting your protein from nuts rather than meat can reduce your risk of heart attack two-fold – and in choosing Gather Nuts you’ll know animals were never harmed in the process.

We love the work of farm sanctuaries, and lucky for us, we have one right here in Central Oregon! Farm sanctuaries are a place where farm animals who have endured the sadness of factory farming are offered shelter and protection to live out their lives. We support Harmony Farm Sanctuary, located in Sisters, OR, and we share their values of kindness, compassion and empathy.

February 25, 2020 — Shanna Koenig Camuso
Thank you, Source Weekly!

Thank you, Source Weekly!

The Source Weekly recently featured us in their Food & Drink section. The article is titled "Eight Treats Central Oregonians Love" and we're honored to be among the selected tasty, local delights. 

The Source Weekly Preview


Read the full story here.



February 06, 2020 — Shelby Little
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